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Monthly Archives: April 2010

Easter – more than chocolate…. right?

I realise this is probs a little late – Easter being last week and all… but well… it is my blog – so… meh.

Anyways, the death and resurrection of Jesus shouldn’t be something we only think about once a year… right. (We do still think about it at Eastertime – don’t we?)

This year Easter weekend was something I was very much looking forward to. Easter not only meant an extra long weekend (something I really appreciate now that I am working full time again) but also Easterfest… Which this year had two of my all time fav bands coming from USA. 🙂 I had a great weekend, hanging with my 3 younger sisters (it was Sharleen’s first easterfest) and 2 best friends! Also had fun “fangirling” (it’s practically a sport) and enjoying music and good times.

So what should Easter be about?

A song that i heard this week for the first time in a couple of years was this one:

“Thank You” – Sanctus Real

There are new horizons with colors that I’ve never seen
The sky is filled with graces since you have carried me
I felt so far beyond your reach, but you gave everything for me
I was lost but you rescued my life

Why in the world did you come after me?
Thank you, thank you
Words aren’t enough, but for now I can say
Thank you, thank you

There is hope rising ’cause you have strength I’ve never seen
And your eyes are shining ’cause you shed tears for me
I was miles from dry land, but you gave everything you had
I can’t understand a love of this kind


I could find other lines that you haven’t heard spoken over and over again
I’ve tried every way, but I keep landing on that simple phrase
So I’ll keep singing, “thank you”


It is so easy to become too familiar with the “Easter Story” that I forget what really happened… the love, pain, hurt, forgiving, sacrifice, longing, betrayal, blood, compassion… all these often get lost in the 3 minutes it takes us to share the story (if we decide to share).

It’s true, just as the song says, He came after you. And although I can’t explain why He would come after me, I know it’s gotta be love. “I can’t understand a love of this kind” it’s far beyond what I could ever hope, imagine, think or dream of…

“And your eyes are shining ’cause you shed tears for me” – this line gets me every time… wow..

So, Thank You!