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Went to Sydney this last weekend for the second time this year. In July I went for a week to volunteer for Hillsong conference…

On Saturday morning, Evelyn, Nicola, Kirstin, Alana and I flew to Sydney (in a plane… we can’t actually fly). We went down for Big Exo Day 20


We had such a rad time. Saw Ellington, Planet of the Stereos, New Empire, Lecrae and Relient K play. Was great. The weather was a million times better than last year’s Big Exo (rainy and freezing!)

Nicola and I got to hang out with Relient K! That was rad and random!

Nikki and I with Relient K

The next day we visited our Church family @ hillsong hills campus. That was fun… love it!!



  1. Hi!

    I saw your comment on SCL about taking some friends to Nando’s and wondered if you were Aussie 🙂 And you are!
    So…thought I’d just say hi to a fellow SCL fan 🙂

    Paula (from Sydney)

    • I am indeed Aussie!! WHOOHOO!!!

      I’m headed to sydney in a few weeks… for our young adults retreat… flying into sydney then driving bout an hour north… shall be good good times 🙂

      SCL is awesome… haha… big love!

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