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Monthly Archives: September 2009

Went to Sydney this last weekend for the second time this year. In July I went for a week to volunteer for Hillsong conference…

On Saturday morning, Evelyn, Nicola, Kirstin, Alana and I flew to Sydney (in a plane… we can’t actually fly). We went down for Big Exo Day 20


We had such a rad time. Saw Ellington, Planet of the Stereos, New Empire, Lecrae and Relient K play. Was great. The weather was a million times better than last year’s Big Exo (rainy and freezing!)

Nicola and I got to hang out with Relient K! That was rad and random!

Nikki and I with Relient K

The next day we visited our Church family @ hillsong hills campus. That was fun… love it!!


1. Late night chats
2. Hangs with great mates
3. Fast internet
4. Old people still in love
5. Laughing so much it hurts
6. Listening to Family Force 5
7. Watching the sun set
8. Brekky on the Beach
9. Aussie Day BBQ
10. Dancing at live gigs
11. Discovering new fav bands
12. Making people smile
13. Making people laugh
14. Encouraging people
15. Getting to church early
16. Seeing people grow
17. New friends
18. Old friends
19. Prawns on the BBQ on Boxing day
20. Waking up and realizing there are still a few hours left to sleep
21. Swings
22. Inside jokes
23. Warm spring days
24. Schoolies week
25. Hillsong conference
26. Birthday dinners
27. Nanna’s special marshmallow- topped birthday cake
28. Winning
29. Annoying my sisters
30. Introducing someone to new music
31. New songs from my fav bands
32. walking at night at kangaroo point with friends
33. Travel
34. Photos
35. Re-watching fav movies
37. Sunshine after rain
38. Church family
39. Fast cars
40. Discussing future adventures
41. Good hangs
42. Babies
43. Learning new things
45. Love
46. Sun showers
47. Life
48. Not losing
49. Christmas morning
50. Sitting in silence with best friend
51. Inspirational people
52. Beach at sunset
53. Long walks
54. Exciting travel with friends and family
55. Offending christians with Jesus
56. Peace
57. Sleep ins
58. Staying up late
59. Handing assignments in
60. Being in an empty church building