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Spent last week in Victoria, first couple of days in Traralgon and the rest in Melbourne. Sam and I went down for a Bible College intensive on counseling. It was an interesting week. Lots of classes, meeting new people, catching up with friends, sleep, exploring and learning.

Here are some of the highlights….


The whole reason we went to Melbs was for the classes. All day Monday to Friday, 8:30-3:30… when you factor in an hour travel each way.. it makes a long, tiring day. We sat in a heated, stuffy room for hours. The classes themselves… were.. interesting.


Meeting new friends was heaps of fun. We stayed with Amanda and her Grandpa, Col (don’t call him Grandpa, that makes him feel old). Meet some awesome cats in our intensive and caught up with some old friends.

The Weather…

Melbourne is cold. We were expecting this so we packed plenty of warm clothes. It wasn’t the cold that bothered me though, it was the artificial heating everywhere that caused me grief. We went from a heated house to a heated car to a heated classroom. The classroom was the worst, having about 20 people in there for 7.5 hours a day with no fresh air as the windows were bolted shut (apparently it’s a bad neighbourhood).

The Street Preacher…

I thought it was illegal in Victoria to preach in the streets. While walking through the city on Friday night we, Chelsea, Sam and I, were stopped by a street preacher. He asked us what we would say to God when we die to get into heaven. I answered that it has nothing to do with what I say or don’t say at that moment that counts but rather the fact that I believe that Jesus came and died on the cross for my sins and by the grace of God, something that I haven’t earned, my sins are erased and forgiven, and that I try and live a life that honours that.

To which he replied, “WRONG, YOU’RE GOING TO BURN IN THE PITS OF HELL!” -and yes… he yelled.

“Excuse me?”

“You failed to mentioned the BLOOD OF JESUS. SO YOU GET THROWN IN HELL”

“What I do or don’t say at that moment wont matter as much as the life I live.”

“THE BLOOD OF JESUS IS NOT TAUGHT ENOUGH. YOU ARE SINNERS AND GOD DOESN’T LOVE SINNERS. Oh, I suppose you believe in translations other than the KJV too?”

“Um, like ESV? Yea I read that one”

“And you believe it?”


“You just called God a liar!!”

I may have gotten a bit fired up after that… I can’t quite recall what happened after that 😛 but I do remember that he walked away from me pissed off and out of comebacks… and when we walked past the same spot 5 mins later he had gone (he had been in the same spot all night).. sure it could have been the 4 cops walking past… but I like to think I pissed him off and he couldn’t handle it anymore…

It honestly broke my heart to think that he had been yelling at people all night, people heard him speak of God and hate… God loves people. People sin…. God loves Sinners.

What I learned…

I learned quite a lot about myself during the week away.

I learned that I am an introvert, and that this means that while I do enjoy people, I need ‘me time’ when I can be alone and chill, otherwise I get grumpy and snappy.

I learned a bit more about what makes me tick… judgmental Christians… and not just those who yell at people in the street… I can very easily become judgmental.


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