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Monthly Archives: April 2009

I ‘ve been at Easterfest all weekend… Easterfest is a music festival in the smallish town of toowoomba… (be warned… there are Woombas everywhere! Their goal is to infect you with Woombaitus… which causes you to become one of them)

There are many things I love about Easterfest (formally known as AGMF), some of these include:
1. Friends and Family – I love spending a long weekend with the people I love.. having lots of fun and random times…
2. Fav Bands – I love going and seeing the bands i love.. some of the highlights of the past few years are, superchic[k], Rookie, Compliments of Gus, Newsboys, the lads (yea lame I know), Day of fire, TFK and Hillsong United.
3. Finding new fav bands – New Empire, planet of the sterios, ellington, newworldson, scat, bradley hathaway (well he is more of a poet) and David Baker
4. Those totally random bands that I know (and sometimes hope) I’ll never hear again – the band that went from old school traditional church type music playing “Our God is an Awesome God” to screamo… in the same song..
5. Roadtrip – sure it’s only 1.5 hours away… but who doesn’t love a short roadtrip, long enough for sing-a-longs but short enough to not be too boring…
6. Good Times – Not getting killed by homocidal Woombas.. seeing bands play in the shopping centre, meeting bands after their show, running into people I haven’t seen in ages, walking into a tent and hearing a band that makes me laugh, being up the front of the mosh pit and pretending to be a fan of the band playing – ‘singing’ and getting into the music – when really we’re just waiting for the next band, actually singing and dancing to new empire in the cafe, the band seeing us dancing and thanking us after, people coming up to us the following day commenting on our awesome dancing efforts, Evelyn and Rachel being embarrased by my and Nikki’s dancing skills and running away pretending not to know us…


So in short… Easterfest = Good.

Tho there were some things I found weird or annoying…
1. Mudfest.. I really didn’t mind the rain… but trying to navigate my way around on Sunday through the mud was very annoying..
2. Pro-life msg.. I understand they’re probably thinking that selling shirts that say smart comments about abortion being wrong, other shirts with ultrasound pics, giving the oppurtunity to sponser an unborn child (yea, I found that weird) and having Bec St James sing an anti abortion song with a film clip will help get the msg out there that abortion is very wrong… But what msg does it send those who have already had an abortion? What alternative does it give? Does it really have a greater affect than guilt and regret? I don’t know.
3. Bec St James… She had an hour time slot, prime time on the Main Stage… AGAIN! she sang the same songs she has done for the last 3 years.. and half of them weren’t even her songs (thanks Micheal W Smith)… Why not give a local band a chance? New Empire, Ellington, Planet of the Sterios?
4. Woombas… The people of Toowoomba (or Woombas).. I nearly got hit by a car (or homocidal Woomba) a number of times.. was I crossing the road?… no.. I was standing next to my parked car..
5. Seeing Jimmy vs Camerman… ouch!

Check out this Vid.. I’ll chuck another one up when I’m done uploading it… and some pics too..



The Hug Poem

I read about how you touched them and they were healed
Or even if someone just touched your cloak they were forever changed
You let a broken women bathe your feet in her tears
And you washed your best friend’s feet
I am just wondering though did you just ever hug people

I mean I know that it is a silly question and all I am sure you would have why wouldn’t you
But its one of those things that was never mentioned that got me thinking about it

And how whenever there was a touch from you sins were forgiven and sickness fell
I think I’m caught up in my sins last time I checked all my body parts were properly working, nothing special here
I am just a kid with a heavy heart these passing sunrises and sunsets

I don’t think our encounter would have ended up in the gospels or anything
Because all I really need is a hug
That is ok for me to imagine right
That’s not going to be conflicting with any sort of theology is it
Ok good, then hug me

But not one of these side ways one arm around the neck type hugs
Or the ghetto right hand clasp fists elbows to chest pit pat on the back back
Or you put your right arm over my right arm and I put my left arm over your left arm and we make this weird sort of diagonal thing
Nah none of those

Take your old school carpenter arms and throw them over my upper body leaving my arms dangling underneath yours somewhere and I can barely move them because your squeezing so hard
But don’t pick me up and make my back pop because I hate it when people do that

And hold me, hold me here in your arms until I start to cry because
But I just can’t seem to do it on my own
I have been teary eyed once recently but not even enough for a drip down my cheek
Theres just hurt in my soul that needs to be purged so hold me in this hold pose until the pain is flowing from my eyes and nose

Poem by Bradley Hathaway

I really love this poem.. and for some reason woke up thinking about it… even though I haven’t read it in over a year… I cried the first few times I heard it.. some days I feel it was written about me…

Hope you enjoy it.