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Monthly Archives: December 2008

So, It’s Christmas night… all is well… I’ve eaten a lot of great food… opened mostly good presents, and shared fun and laughs with my family…
But what about these boys?
I don’t think they woke up bright and early to see that santa had left them a pile of presents under a plastic, decorated tree… They didn’t spend too much money on useless novelty gifts, or on the Wii game you just had to have, or the latest gadget that you got to keep up with the guys at work (even though you still haven’t found a use for the last one you “just had to have”).
Let’s give to someone who you’ll never meet… but desperately needs you…

Over the last couple of weeks, I have been reminded that jesus isn’t simply a trademark, a nice word, a cool saying or a clique phrase. Have we turned the name that is above all names, the most powerful name, the name that saved us from the doom that we were headed for, into just another word, often used as a curse word or a tacky trademark used to make money?

I guess once you become Christianised it is easy to forget what we have been saved from, and what saved us.

I think that we have to really make sure we know who we are following… otherwise we might end up reading all the “right” books, going to the “right” church meetings, listening to the “right” music, wearing the “right” clothes, say all the “right” things… but at the same time totally miss Jesus…