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Monthly Archives: October 2008

I found this image at
It’s so true we give something to God, but with so many conditions and expectations. For example, I “gave” God a year by doing the internship at church… but so often I find myself telling God what I should be doing. Sometimes, when I give something to God (tithes, time etc.) I think I am so good. I think that God must be like “WOW!” but really what can I give God that isn’t already His?

CAPSLOCK is like yelling at someone… don’t do it, unless you mean it!

I’d take a bullet for you
Bleed all my blood out for you
Be taken hostage, under the knife’s edge
Pay all the ransom for you
Do the hard time for you
On the front lines for you
Bring on the pain, the ball and chain
Be executed for you

Pre Chorus:
I’ll cover for you, take a hit
I’m your alibi
I got your back
I’m living every day just to die

Every day I die for you
Throw me in the fire, I’d walk right through
I made a promise, it’s an I-O-U
I’d D-I-E for Y-O-U
I’d D-I-E for Y-O-U
I’d D-I-E for Y-O-U
I’d die for you, die, D-I-E for you
I’d D-I-E, I’d die for you

Verse 2:
Give me your paranoia I’ll walk the plank for you
Sous la guillotine, jusqu’ à la fin
Willing to suffer for you
Interrogate me for you Accept my fate for you
Put me in a noose, turn the dogs loose
Take all the hatred for you

-D-I-E 4 Y-O-U – Family Force 5

WOW! What Jesus has done for us… I can not fathom…